About us?

archivos y ley de proteccion de datos

About us?

We are an expert cybersecurity company founded in Barcelona in 2013.

Tranxfer is a spinoff of the management team of Necsia, a consultancy specialized in Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation, which was born from a project for a major Spanish bank.

Hand in hand with the Iris Venture Builder group, a successful project incubator in technology startups such as Nubalia or uCloud Store, Tranxfer is launched as an independent product.

The tool, dedicated to the sending and receiving of secure files, is nowadays used by companies of all sizes, highlighting a consolidated journey in banking, insurance companies and other IBEX-35 companies that are committed to the application of advanced security measures to protect your file sharing.

pasos y componentes para una transferencia segura de información

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GDPR and Shadow IT: Two headaches

Companies on a day-to-day basis coexist with a series of risks derived from the activity of their employees. Among them, one of the most important is human, that is, any type of management [...]

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How to avoid Shadow IT?

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